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Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering an Animal Lifeline pet. It is very important to us that our adoptable pets find their forever families. We use this application to help ensure that we match the right pet to your family. Once your application has been received, you will hear from us as soon as we review your application. Please fill out ALL questions. If any question does not apply, write N/A.



Please provide the contact information of a veterinarian you have used before. Vet references are checked.

Please provide the contact information of two personal reference who we may call.

Please list place(s) of employment for yourself. We do not call employers; this is for our records.






By submitting this form, I agree to provide a safe environment and give proper food and water to the foster dog. I will allow reasonable time for the dog to adjust to new surroundings.

I will immediately notify Animal Lifeline if the dog is lost and make every reasonable effort to find the dog. 

In case of emergency, I will immediately notify Animal Lifeline.

Lynda Manko 412-523-1916 

Our preferred vet is Penn Hills Spay and Neuter 412-244-1202

Emergency medical care is provided by PVSEC on Camp Horne Road 412-366-3400

All appointments must be approved by Lynda first.

I will not sell the dog to any person or take to a shelter or give the dog to another rescue group.

I agree to foster the dog at my own risk and indemnify and release Animal Lifeline of any liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the dog.

If circumstances arise that I can no longer foster the dog, I will notify Animal Lifeline as soon as possible so that another foster home can be found.

I will get approval from Animal Lifeline before transferring a foster dog to another volunteer or foster home.

Missing information. Please complete all fields, marking N/A if not applicable.

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